The following listed are our special features and our privileges.

Special features of our box office:

  • System customised for the film industry to increase the operational effectiveness;
  • Efficient and direct data transfer from all cinemas, ensuring its accuracy; 
  • Online subscription ensuring our clients to receive the latest news at any place, any time through any electronic devices;

Our privileges:

  • The joint effort of HKTA and MPIA gives more credibility and recognition by the public;
  • Server based in Hong Kong to ensure the efficient and stable data transmittance;
  • We categorize all movies into 2D, 3D, IMAX, original version and alternate versions to visualize the data and cater all market needs;
  • We incorporate diverse and practical analysis ( e.g. regional analysis) to give our subscribers a better grasp of the current market’s situation. Electronic Report of HK Box Office” will bring our subscribers with more comprehensive and valuable information so that you would have a firm grip of the film industry and benefiting any upcoming trend analysis. 

Application Qualification:

We only accept HK film/theatre or film related industries for subscription. 

Application Method:

Please fill in the application form here, together with a BR copy, cheque payment and send to Hong Kong Box Office Ltd.

Address: 21/F, HK Chinese Bank Causeway Bay Centre, 42-44 Yee Wo Stree, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong