From the 2009 onwards, by defination of MPIA, all films must meet the following requirements to be regarded as a Hong Kong film.
A:  All films and related videos must be produced by a Hong Kong registered company (if this is not the case, please see item B requirements.)
B: The film must meet the following two requirements:
1. Production Company must at least have a company registered in Hong Kong; and
2. A 50% or more involvement in the film by Hong Kong locals or Permanent Residents of Hong Kong: namely the roles of producer, director, screenwriter, main actor or main actress. However, this rule has exceptions. For example, in a documentary about animals, the male and female actress is not a valid position and if there is no screenwriter, then 50% or more of the roles remaining, in this case the director or producer, must be a Hong Kong local or permanent resident. In general, if five roles are valid, there must be three roles that are made up of Hong Kong locals or permanet residents.
In addition, the video length must be about sixty minutes or more, but the film must be officially released (not counting midnight or priority field) in Hong Kong cinema, and ticket sales must be made public.