Hong Kong Motion Picture Industry Association was established in July 16, 1986. We are committed to promoting and protecting the interests of the industry and actively combating piracy. Also, we represent, on behalf of the film industry and interested parties, to feedback on events related to the film industry, as well as responding to the comments at the same time. In addition, we also conduct negotiations with the Government of Hong Kong or other countries. The Motion Picture Industry Association seeks to protect and promote the development of the local film industry by actively reaching out to other countries. At the same time, we represent the industry in handling copyright infringements or other rights through legal proceedings.

Our members:

Companies which are engaged directly in film production or are related to the film production industry, as well as those which are related to the individual members of the Association eligible to apply. The Association has about 150 members, including production companies, distribution companies and individual filmmakers, such as directors, screenwriters, film critics, producers and so on. Our members’ film productions and distribution constitute more than 85% of the local market share. To join us as a member, please call (+852) 23112692.

Our roles and responsibilites:

1. We are committed to protecting film rights and combating piracy. In 1993, we established the first film registration, certification and certification system. Known as the "China National Copyright Administration”, it provides copyright certification for Hong Kong cinematographic work, and since 1994, the “Copyright Authentication Memorandum Of Agreement" has been distributed all over the world and widely recognised as a legal certification document.

2. In 2002, we built Hong Kong's first online database of film rights, aiding government departments, law enforcement agencies at home and abroad, as well as the industry and public to provide copyright information and help to combat piracy and promote Hong Kong's film culture.

3. Since 1992, we have hosted the four times a year Chouzu "Hong Kong Film Industry Delegation " from Beijing to help them understand the industry and expand the market.

4. Aiding the Hong Kong government departments, for instance the Commerce, Industry and Technology Bureau, Customs, the Intellectual Property Department and Television and Entertainment Licensing Authority through maintaining regular contact to provide advice and set laws and policies related to movies.

5. Working with other industry associations to fight against piracy, and organised "anti-piracy reward scheme" with the Customs and Excise Department.

6. We are also involved in the events planning. From 1992 to 1996, we assisted the Information Services Department to organise the "Hong Kong Film Festival" in Canada, Japan and America and France. Over the years, we have also worked to help promote China's "Golden Rooster and Hundred Flowers Film Festival" and "Changchun Film Festival" in Hong Kong, and cooperated with local and foreign film industry organizations in organizing a number of seminars and film events.

7. We also played a part in providing the industry with information through the “Hong Kong Box Office Report”, which was launched in 1989.