The Release of Hong Kong Box Office System
By catching up with the changes of times, Hong Kong Box Office System was developed and released by the Hong Kong Theatres Association Ltd. (HKTA) and the Hong Kong Motion Picture Industry Association Ltd. (MPIA) by 1st April 2013. Meanwhile, the HKBO and the MPIA had set up briefing sessions in Hong Kong Filmart 2013 to let the industry to have better understanding towards the content and the functions of the system.

Public can now access our search engine to get details of movies, including types of movies, cast list, publishing company and etc., by entering the title, name of director and actors, year of movies. Moreover, public can also check the top 10 movies of both local and non-local movies, the movie of the year by counting the box office of first five day after release or any other precious information.

Hong Kong Box Office aims to deliver a more convenient and accurate way to provide movie details. Thus, the Hong Kong Box System has finished upgrade in Jan 2016. Subscribers can enjoy a more stable and user-friendly system afterwards.