Film Title :TRACEY | 翠絲
Production Country :HK | 香港
Production Company :One Cool Film Production Ltd.|天下一電影製作有限公司, PJ One Cool Film Co., Ltd.|品今天下影視有限公司, Sun Entertainment Group Ltd.|太陽娛樂集團有限公司, Big Honor Entertainment Limited|大名娛樂有限公司, Honger Music Venture Ltd.|框格音樂事務有限公司
Distributor :One Cool Pictures Limited|天下一電影發行有限公司
Director :Jun Li|李駿碩
Producer :Shu Kei|舒琪, Jacqueline Liu|廖婉虹
Script Writer :Shu Kei|舒琪, Erica Li|李敏, Jun Li|李駿碩
Actor/Actress :Philip Keung|姜皓文, Kara Wai|惠英紅, River Huang|黃河, Ben Yuen|袁富華, Jennifer Yu|余香凝, Ng Siu Hin|吳肇軒
Category :IIB
Genre :DRAMA | 劇情
Run :1
Duration (Min) :119
Other Version :-
Release Date :2018-11-22

51-year old Tai-hung owns an optical shop and appears to share a contented life with his wife Anne. But there’s more that meets the eyes and his humdrum life is turned upside down when he receives a phone call from Bond, who tells him he is married to Tai-hung’s old classmate Ching, who has recently passed away. The news triggers memories to resurface and awakens the deep feelings for Ching that Tai-hung has long buried inside his heart.