Film Title :I LOVE YOU, YOU'RE PERFECT, NOW CHANGE! | 你咪理,我愛你!
Production Country :HK | 香港
Production Company :Shaw Brothers Pictures International Ltd.|邵氏兄弟國際影業有限公司, Edko Films Ltd.|安樂影片有限公司, Emperor Motion Pictures|英皇電影, Television Broadcasts Ltd.|電視廣播有限公司, Tailor Made Production Ltd.|手工藝創作有限公司
Distributor :Golden Scene Co Ltd.|高先電影有限公司
Director :Wong Cho Lam|王祖藍
Producer :Virginia Lok|樂易玲, Eric Tsang|曾志偉
Script Writer :Wong Cho Lam|王祖藍, Joey Leung|梁祖堯, Wang Jue|王珏
Actor/Actress :Wong Cho Lam|王祖藍, Eric Tsang|曾志偉, Teresa Mo|毛舜筠, Ivana Wong|王菀之
Category :IIA
Genre :COMEDY | 喜劇, MUSIC | 音樂
Run :1
Duration (Min) :89
Other Version :-
Release Date :2019-01-31

I Love You, You’re Perfect, Now Change! is a musical comedy with a twist of Hong Kong sentiment, adapted from the hugely popular Broadway Musical of the same title. The original musical premiered Off-Broadway in 1996, and has been running for 23 years. The Hong Kong-based Windmill Grass Theatre adapted the musical and premiered in Hong Kong in 2005. The show had its fifth run in 2017 and had sold out each time. This movie version features 12 vignettes. An ensemble cast of over 60 well-known Hong Kong actors, singers and dancers will be performing multiple hilarious musical numbers that explore one central theme in life — love.