Film Title :INNOCENT WITNESS | 5時恭候的證人
Production Country :KOREA | 韓國
Distributor :Edko Films Ltd.|安樂影片有限公司
Director :Han Lee|李翰
Actor/Actress :Woo-sung Jung|鄭雨盛, Hyang-gi Kim|金香起
Category :IIA
Genre :DRAMA | 劇情
Run :1
Duration (Min) :130
Release Date :2019-04-11

‘Soon-ho’, who once worked as a lawyer for a civil rights organization, has set aside his beliefs and joined a large law firm. Working on a major case that could make him a partner, he wants to put ‘Ji-woo”, a teenager with autism and the only witness, on the stand to prove the innocence of a murder suspect.


‘Ji-woo’ has difficulties communicating, living in a world of her own. ‘Soon-ho’ tracks her down to ask her about what she witnessed, but is unable to even make a proper introduction. However, ‘Soon-ho’ does not give up and he tries to get ‘Ji-woo’ to open up. In time, he begins to understand ‘Ji-woo’ but the two are destined to meet in court as witness and attorney.