Film Title :CHIBI MARUKO CHAN MOVIE: ONO & SUGIYAMA | 櫻桃小丸子大電影-大野與杉山
Production Country :JAPAN | 日本
Distributor :King Enterprises (International) Ltd.|天皇星企業(國際)有限公司
Director :Tsutomu Shibayama|芝山努, Yumiko Suda|須田裕美子
Category :I
Genre :ANIMATION | 動畫
Run :1
Duration (Min) :94
Release Date :2019-04-18

Stepping into the second semester, Maruko has become close friends with Ono and Sugiyama. As the autumn sports day is approaching, Ono and Sugiyama pay a lot of effort to challenge themselves for the championship. They even have trainings in early mornings. However, the friendship between them enters into a huge crisis after the game. Ono has to leave hometown Shimizu suddenly, together with his family for Tokyo. All classmates in class 3-4 have been surprised. Maruko is very worried about the brotherhood between Ono and Sugiyama could never be solved.