Film Title :DECEPTION OF THE NOVELIST | 作家的謊言: 筆忠誘罪
Production Country :HK | 香港
Production Company :China 3D|中國 3D, Dreams Salon Entertainment Culture Ltd.|夢想沙龍娛樂文化有限公司
Distributor :Newport Entertainment Co Ltd|新寶娛樂有限公司
Director :Christopher Sun|孫立基
Producer :Stephen Siu Jr.|蕭定一, Justin Cheung|張建聲, Ricky Fan|范振鋒, Christopher Sun|孫立基, Toni Shum|沈錫然
Script Writer :Stephen Siu Jr.|蕭定一, Toni Shum|沈錫然
Actor/Actress :Justin Cheung|張建聲, Jeana Ho|何佩瑜, Linah Matsuoka|松岡李那, Raymond Chiu|趙永洪, Luk Wing Kuen|陸永, Stephen Cheng|鄭詩君, Kelly Chen(2)|陳嘉莉, Terry Zou|鄒文正, Gregory Wong|王宗堯, Jessie Lam|方詠琳
Category :IIB
Genre :MYSTERY | 懸疑
Run :1
Duration (Min) :90
Other Version :-
Release Date :2019-06-20

Tsui is renowned as an excellent healing author as well as a young successful man. His pieces are called “Chicken Soup for the Soul” for soothing many readers’ soul and spirit. The public image of Tsui is a kindhearted family man who loves his wife deeply, though, he has inherited his wealth from his father.

Since a trendy and charming lady, Elaine, had moved to live in the upper floor flat of Tsui’s apartment, Tsui was facing a great impact on his calm and dull life. One night, Elaine was found dead on the platform of the residence. Tsui admitted to the Police that he had accidentally killed Elaine in anger by pushing her down the platform because Elaine kept on blackmailing him.

But then, the case file is not closed as the Police’s psychologist, Doctor So, believes that Tsui is not telling the truth after attentive observation from him. There are still several suspectable points in the case.

Through serious investigation, Doctor So, eventually discovers that Tsui’s wife, Kay, had already known Tsui had an affair with Elaine. Therefore, Doctor So has suspected that Elaine might be killed by Kay out of her hatred and in a spirit of revenge. After all, Who is the murderer? What is the story behind the truth?